Changes Made to the RGV Digipeater System

With the expert assistance of Joe Ashcom – AG5DL, W5STX-2 (145.770) and W5RGV-2 (145.010) were installed, Saturday, June 26th, at La Feria.  W5STX-2 and W5RGV-2 have replaced STX and RGV.  STX and RGV are no longer active.  If you wish to digipeat, you must use either W5STX-2 or W5RGV-2.
If you are asking yourself why would anyone replace a Packet digipeater with a short alias (STX, RGV) with a Packet digipeater with a longer alias (W5STX-2, W5RGV-2), you would be asking the wrong question.
W5STX-2 on 145.770 and W5RGV-2 on 145.010 are NOT just Packet digipeaters.  They are both Packet and VARA FM digipeaters!  As you know only recently has VARA FM been able to digipeat.  With distances being great here in the Rio Grande Valley, having the ability to digipeat VARA FM opens a whole new chapter in digital communications.
VARA FM is so much faster than Packet and is much more sensitive, meaning that VARA FM functions just fine with weak signals.  The installation of W5STX-2 and W5RGV-2 is a major improvement to the Valley’s Digital Communication system.
Another significant improvement, this time in McAllen, was made on Friday June 25th by Joe Ashcom – AG5DL, Javier Moreno – KC5MOL, and Dr. David Woolweaver – K5RAV.  W5RGV-11 on 145.770 is now a Packet and VARA FM RMS Packet node.  The addition of VARA FM to W5RGV-11, which serves the Western Valley, will allow much faster data transfer.  The call sign of the node remains the same, W5RGV-11.
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