A Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Drill will be exercised this weekend, 20 November 2021, from Noon – 3pm. 

Details can be found here:  www.arrlstx.org/index.php/149-cisa-fusion-center-drill-exercise.html

The Department of Homeland Security /CISA (Formally known as the Office of Emergency Communications) has recently created a Federal level Fusion center.  The mission of this Center is to bring together all the various Amateur organizations i.e. ARES /RACES, Civil Air Patrol, ARC, Salvation Army, REACT, and the VOIP Hurricane Net to staff a coordinated center that can process requests for Amateur assistance, at a Federal level, during large scale disasters. This center would be activated upon request by CISA.


The Center is in process of forming and would like to run a series of exercises to test their ability to reach out and request Amateur support as needed. It would allow the various groups to provide coordinated assistance to each other.  For those of us in Texas think of a Federal level Communication Coordination Group (CCG).

This will be a Texas-Only drill.  Please read below for details.  When you click on the links below, the download of the document will start immediately.

Here are ICS and other supporting forms for preparation and use in the exercise.
You may use or modify to suit your jurisdiction needs.
ICS 201 Incident Briefing 11142021
ICS 202 Incident Objectives
ICS 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan WinLink Only
Net Control Script Sample
Winlink Message Sample

Valley Amateur Radio Operators:

Please check out the web link mentioned above.  There is an example Report that will guide you in the preparation for your report.  Very easy.
Winlink is a digital communication system that is well supported in the Rio Grande Valley.  Simply download Winlink Express from http://www.winlink.org.  Winlink Express is a complete program that allows the operator to send and receive Winlink messages.  If you don’t have a VHF radio setup for Winlink, use the Telnet feature that is included in the program.  Telnet is used when you don’t have a radio.  It uses the Internet to transmit your information.
–Dr. Dave Woolweaver, K5RAV.