STARS NCS Stations

K5RAV - Dr. Dave Woolweaver

STARS President & Net Manager

Co-founder of STARS and current President. Engaged in the system design, installation and maintenance of the STARLINK voice repeater system and the Valley Winlink Digital system. Member of ARES and RACES. Active on VHF, UHF and HF preferring the digital modes. Life Member of STARS.

KD5KCV - Robert Dodson

Director/NCS Coordinator

I've been in radio since about 1992, starting off on 11 meters, (CB radio). Friends introduced me to amateur radio in 1999 and I got my tech in 2000, so I've been on radio for about 28 years. I enjoy all privileges in ham radio spectrum. I am also a w5YI VEC here in the Rio Grande Valley. You can find me on the STARS linked repeater system mostly every day. 73s

KI5GNH - Byron Kroeger

I was born at a very young age in 1977. I have been interested in radio for as long as I can remember. At the age of eight or nine I was riding with my dad and I saw a great big antenna mounted to the roof of a house. "Hey Daddy what is that?" It probably wasn't any bigger than a 6m or a 10m beam but it was the biggest antenna I'd ever seen he told me it was for amateur radio. From that point forward I was fascinated with antennas and towers of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Life moved on and I graduated from a community college with a 2-year Electronics engineering degree. And worked at Gateway computers for several years in the tech support department. Talking to people with problems and their computers didn't work either. For the last almost 20 years I have worked as kind of a handyman / jack-of-all trades master of none for a church in Harlingen. We do missionary work in Texas, Mexico, and in Nicaragua. In September of 2019 my brother-in-law encourage me to study for my ham license. Took both technician and general in one sitting cuz I was in a hurry to get up on HF. I built my first antenna is before my license even came in and I haven't stopped. I like to MacGyver things that I find laying around in two antennas. One of the first thoughts that comes through my head when seeing a strange piece of material is will that antenna?

I enjoyed chasing DX, contesting calling CQ and rag chewing. There are so many facets to this wonderful Hobby and I look forward to exploring many. You can't have too many antennas!

KI5IZO - Nathaniel Pemberton

I am 12 years old and enjoy getting on the air, especially HF. I'm a General class operator. I got interested in ham radio when my family decided to start learning more about it. At first, I was mostly listening and sitting nearby, but soon I got hooked! Other hobbies of mine include Python (computer language) and coding in general, as well as fishing, camping, and outdoor stuff. I also am teaching myself to play the piano. I am homeschooled, so I have the freedom to pursue my interests.

KI5IZQ - James Pemberton

Math Teacher, Extra Class Ham Operator, and Chess Enthusiast.

KI5IZR - Marcie "Happeesupermom" Pemberton

Shalom! I'm KI5IZR, Happeesupermom (Marcie) in La Feria, TX. I've been homeschooling my five children for about 20 years. Three have graduated from home and we're still homeschooling my two youngest. Spring of 2020 we decided to learn about Ham Radio and it quickly turned into a whole-family project! We all started studying and took our exams together, so my husband & most of my kids are hams, too! It's a family affair! My hubby is KI5IZQ, my eldest daughter is KI5KCX, my 20 y/o son is KI5KCY, and my 12 y/o son is KI5IZO.
heart  We call ourselves the Kosher Hams!  heart  

I also have interests in crochet, essential oils, and all things natural!

KI5SOV - Brent Puente

I've been a licensed ham radio operator since November 2021, and I have a general class license. Other interests include playing guitar, spending time with my wife and children, and raising our two dogs (Dusty and Penny). I regularly use the STARS repeater system, and you can hear me on the air often.

KS5KS - Kimball Sumney

I have been interested in amateur radio since the late 60’s, but, never made the time and/or money available. I corrected that in December of 2016, getting my technician and general license at the same time. I upgraded to the Xtra class in June of 2017 and changed my call sign to KS5KS since the original appeared to be difficult to communicate (KG5QZW).

I currently have 2 handi-talkies (a Btech UV-5X3 and a Yaesu VX-6R) for use while walking or other such activities and a Btech UV-25X2 for base/mobile use. A Kenwood TS-440S connected to an end feed antenna is used for HF. Going to get a 4 band dipole up in the very near future, so that should improve the operation. At last, the new dipole is up! I have asked Santa for a 5 band vertical for Christmas!

As a new ham, I have found it difficult to locate frequencies with traffic, so I mostly use FT-8 on 40 meters right now (Nothing like having the program set the frequency!). Having discovered the 3905 Century Club, I am starting to lurk on their networks and puzzle out PSK and RTTY. I am always on the search for other nets to check out.

W9FX - Brad Pioveson

I have been an active ham since 1963. Professionally, I was the maintenance superintendent (chief electrician) at an Illinois underground coal mine. During the early 90’s, I became involved with amateur radio emergency communications and served in several positions within the senior staff of Region IV, Navy-Marine Corps MARS. In 1993, I was invited to join the Hurricane Watch Net. I have served as HWN’s Net Manager and as CEO of Hurricane Watch Net, Inc. I accepted the post of National Training Officer for SATERN, and, ultimately, accepted an appointment from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s as State RACES Officer, SHARES Coordinator and AUXCOMM Coordinator, positions I held for ten years. Concurrent with the IEMA posts, I served as the ARRL Illinois Section Emergency Coordinator and as an Ass’t Section Manager and did a tour as a member of the ARRL’s Emergency Communications Advisory Committee. While we had been spending our winters in the Valley since 2009, my wife and I moved into our Pharr home as permanent Texas residents in October 2018.

W9HQV - Dan Elkins

I have been a ham since 1963 with former call signs WN9GIY, K7YRA, then W9HQV. I am a licensed pilot since 1975, retired GM electrician and retired farmer. My wife and I are full-time RVers but have recently bought a mobile home in Weslaco. I spent 5 years in the Air Force being stationed in Texas, Massachusetts, Iceland, and Montana.

WB6TJB - David Bridgwater

I was born and raised in Southern California, hence my '6' call, got my First Class FCC Radiotelephone Operator's license and Amateur Technician license in 1976, back when you still had to do 5 wpm for the ham license. Just couldn't quite cross that 13wpm plateau to get General. I've worked in the electronics and diagnostic equipment imaging fields since that time. I'm a licensed private pilot, having been bit by the flying bug back in high school when my uncle took me on a trip back to the family farm up in Minnesota, convincing me that that was what I was meant to do with my life!

Move to the TX panhandle in 1981, raising 6 kids, and ultimately moved to the RGV in 1998 at the request of my job. I'd been sorta active on 2m and 70cm the whole time after a short stint doing cw on the Novice bands when I first got my license. Then about around 2009 I learned you didn't need code to upgrade, and immediately passed my General, and Extra tests on the same Sat testing session! Since then I've been active with Charro, the Starlink group, and coordinated with the guys up the valley in the Riolink group. I very much enjoy voice HF, and learning more all the time about digital modes, and Winkink on both Vhf/Uhf as well as HF!

I am presently ARES co-operator for the Cameron County EOC with KB5TMC, and am active on RACES, and Skywarn!'

Valley Information Net NCS Schedule

SUNDAY — KI5IZQ, James Pemberton
MONDAY — KI5IZO, Nathaniel Pemberton
TUESDAY — KI5GNH, Byron Kroeger
WEDNESDAY — KI5IZR, Marcie Pemberton
THURSDAY — KS5KS, Kimball Sumney
FRIDAY — KI5SBR, Matt Lansford
SATURDAY — W9HQV, Dan Elkins
Backup NCS — KI5SOV, Brent Puente