UPDATE: K5RAV-10 and K5RAV-11

I have had problems with both K5RAV-10 and K5RAV-11.  Recently, both nodes were not working properly on Packet.  Today, I was able to get K5RAV-10 on 145.010 working on Packet.  Yea!  No joy yet on K5RAV-11 on 145.770, but I am working on it.
The RACES drill is scheduled for Oct 30.  The ARES SET will be held at the same time as the RACES drill as both have similar requirements.  Ross, W3OQ is in charge of the ARES SET as he is the ARES District 15 District Emergency Coordinator (DEC).  The RACES drill is under the command of Andy, KF0MP as he is the RACES District 21 Radio Officer (DRO-21).
If you need to access K5RAV-10 on 145.010,  you may do so with Packet or VARA FM via W5RGV-2 or W5STX-5.  If you are using Packet, access via W5RGV-2, PHARR or BRO.
If you need to access K5RAV-11 on 145.770, you may do so with VARA FM ONLY via W5STX-2 or W5STX-5.  At this time, K5RAV-11 is not active on Packet; however, I am working on returning K5RAV-11 to Packet duty.  Updates will be sent as progress is made.

There is great news from the 911 Call Center in Harlingen.  The Harlingen Police Department has purchased several pieces of equipment to update and modernize the station.  Now, the 911 Center is active on VHF Packet and VARA FM on 145.770 as W5STX-11.  With the new equipment, the 911 Center will become the W5STX VHF/HF Winlink Node.  An ICOM IC-7300, SCS 7800 Dragon modem, and an End Feed 132-foot antenna will convert the station from a VHF-only node to a VHF/HF node.

W5STX VHF/HF will be the second VHF/HF Winlink node for the Valley.  Presently, only the K5RAV VHF/HF Winlink node is active.  The addition of a VHF/HF Winlink node at the 911 Center, which is a reinforced structure designed to withstand storms of all sorts, will ensure that “When all else fails”, amateur radio will be capable of passing messages out of the Valley.  The 911 Center has a large diesel generator, which is located inside the structure for safety, which provides backup AC power if necessary.

All of the equipment has been installed and programmed thanks to the assistance of Joe Ashcom, AG5DL.  We are now waiting on the installation of a dual band VHF/UHF antenna and the 132-foot End Feed antenna.  I hope to see the installation completed by October 30th, but the schedule is out of my control.  It will happen when the city schedules the work.  I will keep you updated.

–K5RAV, Dr. Dave.