What to do about the new FCC RF Exposure Rules

Have you thought about what you need to do about the new FCC RF exposure rules?  Are you exempt?  If not, how do you comply?  Here is a video that may help you figure it out.
This video is presented by Ria Jairam – N2RJ, and she talks about changes to FCC RF exposure rules that went into effect on 3 May 2021 in the US, what changed from the original rules, and how you can stay in compliance.
Ria says, “The ARRL has done a ton of work on this. They also provide a lot of free information for the community, both members and non-members. They will be reprinting the RF safety book and I intend to get a printed copy when it is printed. See the video description for all ARRL links. And finally – if you would like to make a financial contribution toward the lab’s work, you can donate to the lab fund at www.arrl.org/donate.  No amount is too small and for US residents it is tax deductible.”